TERVETULOA RUUHIMÄEN KESÄÄN !
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Cafe Tervaskanto
Capacity: 20 caravan spaces (16with electricity), 7 camping cottages and plenty of space for tents.
There are toilets and showers as well as a self-service kitchen for cooking and  washing-up in a separate building.
There is a small café at the reception. It serves snacks as well as coffee, tea, soft  drinks and ice cream. Beer and cider are also available.
There is one newer two-storey cottage, which can house up to four people. In addition, there are 7 smaller camping cottages.
Camping Ruuhimäki
           CAFE TERVASKANTO                   RECEPTION                   SUMMER 2020                            xx.06.2020-xx.08.2020                                                     (Midsummer)                         Regular Season    Nesterally                   1 MON- FRI             12.00-22.00        10.00-23.00 SAT                        12.00-22.00        11.00-23.00 SUN                        12.00-22.00       12.00-22.00 tel: +358(0) 44 5116487                        044-5116487 myynti@camping-ruuhimaki.fi Camping Ruuhimäki Tauluntie 83 41440 Ruuhimäki  Finland
Camping Ruuhimäki is a small traditional camping site in Toivakka near Jyväskylä. Open: xx.06 -xx.08.2020. Capacity: 20 caravan spaces (16 with electricity), 8 camping cottages and plenty of space for tents.There is also a beach and a sauna, a playground for children and campfire sites. Camping Ruuhimäki is situated by the road 618, a shortcut of E4 via Toivakka from Helsinki to Kuopio. The camping site is located by the small and peaceful lake Ruokonen. We are looking forward to your visit! Welcome  Harri
Camping Ruuhimäki-Jyväskylä 30 km Camping Ruuhimäki- Mikkeli   83 km Camping Ruuhimäki- Kuopio 136 km Camping Ruuhimäki- Helsinki 254 km
Welcome to Ruuhimäki!
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